Edmund Optics


Edmund Optics is now offering the Infiniprobe UV video microscopes, which feature a continuously focusable design as well as easy mounting to video cameras.

EO Laser Diode Modules

Edmund Optics proudly introduces a line of EO Laser Diode Modules, which produces high-quality beams at low cost. These modules are ideal for integration by OEMs.

Tech Spec

Edmund Optics has enhanced its high-quality Tech Spec family of optical components by adding an antireflection coating option to its plano-convex, plano-concave, double-convex, double-concave, and achromatic lines of lenses.

Laser mirror line

Edmund Optics has expanded its laser mirror line with the introduction of the Tech Spec high-energy excimer family of laser mirrors for high-power UV applications.


With recent product launches of beamsplitters, windows, and mirrors, Edmund Optics offers a comprehensive selection of components capable of withstanding the challenges posed by today's advanced laser sources.

Tech Spec line of achromatic lenses

Edmund Optics has improved its Tech Spec line of achromatic lenses. They are now offered with the VIS 0° multilayer, broadband anti-reflection coating to minimise reflections in the visible spectrum.

Aspherical lenses

Aspheric lenses offer optical designers control of light-ray refraction over the whole lens surface, making it possible to produce optical systems with higher performance in compact packages.

ReflX 15X Objectives

Edmund Optics has introduced its new ReflX 15X Objectives, which exhibits near-diffraction limited performance. It is used in applications requiring superior image quality over a broad spectral range.


Edmund Optics has introduced its new illumination delivery technology, EOS, to create new opportunities for the use of LEDs in automotive headlamps, scientific instrument lighting and surgical headlamps.


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