ES Technology

MLab Machine

The MLab Machine from Concept Laser, and distributed in the UK by ES Technology, is a laser cusing product aimed at the jewellery and dental prosthesis markets

Conduction-cooled, multi-bar diode laser

ES Technology, the UK distributor for Dilas, has introduced a new conduction-cooled, multi-bar module with a homogenous top hat optical beam profile, capable of handling up to 500W output in standard wavelengths

100 micron fibre-coupled diode lasers

ES Technology, the UK distributor for Dilas's range of diode laser components, has announced the development by Dilas of a high brightness, conduction-cooled fibre-coupled diode laser module

Compact diode laser system

The Dilas Compact diode laser system is now available in the UK from ES Technology. This new system offers two power options, 300W from a 200µm fibre or alternatively 400W from a 300µm fibre at 980nm

es CODE laser

ES Technology has released the es CODE laser, which is a fibre laser offering low functioning costs.


ES Technology has launched a fibre coding laser called es CODE.


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