Gamma Scientific

SpectralLED light source

Gamma Scientific has released its SpectralLED wide field of view, uniform intensity light source, ideally suited for sensor testing applications requiring a field of view (FOV) up to 180°

SpectralLED RS-7-2

Gamma Scientific has released the SpectralLED RS-7-2 platform for applications requiring flat-field calibration

SpectralLED RS-7-SWIR light source

Gamma Scientific has introduced its SpectralLED RS-7-SWIR platform, which incorporates 9 short-wave infrared wavelengths for synthesis of commercially available light sources or imported spectra

SpectralLED RS-7-2

Gamma Scientific’s new SpectralLED RS-7-2 mates up to four LED light source engines together with a 1m sphere that includes a 300mm output port


A new spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific offers a combination of enhanced dynamic range, very low noise and high spectral resolution

GS-1150 spectrophotometer

Gamma Scientific has announced the release of its new handheld spectrophotometer for spectral evaluation of LEDs, OLEDs, CFLs, displays and traditional lamps

Spectral Sphere Systems

Gamma Scientific will be demonstrating its new Optical Integrating Tube and Spectral Sphere Systems at the Strategies in Light conference in Santa Clara


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