Dual Angle Reflectance Measurement System

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A new reflectometer system from Gamma Scientific is designed for use in production and delivers high speed automated reflectance measurements of glass for display and architectural uses. The Dual Angle Reflectance Measurement System provides ±0.05 per cent accuracy, and includes built-in second surface reflection suppression that can now eliminate measurement errors on glass as thin as 0.3mm. Plus, built-in self-calibration enables the Dual Angle Reflectance Measurement System to consistently produce high accuracy data, even when being used by untrained personnel in harsh environments. 

The Dual Angle Reflectance Measurement System comprises two optical heads and spectrometers, all housed in a dark enclosure that enables measurements in high ambient light, production environments. The measurement head uses motorised positioners to acquire any number of desired data points rapidly on substrates as large 0.4m x 0.4m, and automatically acquires correct focus at the glass surface through the use of a laser-based height sensor. In just milliseconds, the system obtains simultaneous reflectance measurements at both 10° and 45° incidence angles over the entire 380–1,100nm spectral range. All instrument control and data acquisition hardware and software are included with the system.