Headwall Photonics

The dividend of the spectrum

Imaging spectroscopy offers a powerful way to understand this world and others, and optical innovations are enhancing its capabilities, finds Andy Extance

Flying above danger

Matthew Dale explores how UAVs mounted with various photonics technologies are being used to explore hazardous environments

Hyperspec UV starter kit

Headwall Photonics has introduced its Hyperspec UV starter kit for evaluating and categorising the spectral composition of materials and samples within the UV spectral region

Hyperspec Recon

Hyperspectral imaging provider Headwall Photonics has announced that its Hyperspec Recon allows for discrete target identification and hyperspectral scene rendering for reconnaissance applications at distances of 1.5km

Hyperspec Extended VNIR sensor

Headwall Photonics has announced the Hyperspec Extended visible and near-infrared (VNIR) spectrometer, a hyperspectral imaging instrument covering a broad spectral region from 600nm to 1600nm

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