Instrument Systems

CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometers

Instrument Systems has added new models to its line CAS 140CT spectroradiometers, which combine the demands of high spectral resolution and short testing times for sophisticated measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments

LumiCol 1900

Instrument Systems has introduced the LumiCol 1900, a high-speed 2-in-1 imaging colorimeter. It is especially designed for versatile test applications in display production lines

LumiCol 1900

Instrument Systems has released the imaging colorimeter LumiCol 1900, optimised for fast and precise luminance and colour measurement of flat panel displays on production lines

LGS 1000 goniophotometer system

Instrument Systems has introduced the compact LGS 1000 goniophotometer system, which it states guarantees precise determination of the spatial radiation characteristics of solid state lighting (SSL) products as well as lamps and luminaires

LGS 1000 goniometer

Instrument Systems has released upgrades for its LGS 1000 goniometer, which is ideal for measuring angle-dependent spatial radiation characteristics of large LED modules, solid-state lighting (SSL) products, as well as lamps and luminaires


Munich-based Instrument Systems delivered a landmark 5000th Array Spectrometer with the CAS 140CT Series in November 2013. This system is used for applications in spectral light measurement and LED testing and measurement

AMS Goniophotometers

Instrument Systems, a company for light measurement systems, has introduced a new goniophotometer generation under the Optronik Line label


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