Laser Components

MediStrip fibre strippers

Laser Components has introduced a fibre stripping tool specifically designed with medical applications in mind, capable of stripping the buffer off all common diameters of optical fibre

Gold diffraction gratings

Laser Components now offers a range of gold diffraction gratings, manufactured by Optometrics Corporation, which it says are particularly well suited to use with IR lasers

JEC1.6l SiC UV photodiode

Laser Components has launched its JEC1.6l silicon carbide (SiC) UV photodiode, offering a peak signal increase of 50 per cent compared to the company's older JEC1 UV photodiode

Flexpoint MV Focus

The Flexpoint MV Focus, available from Laser Components, is a line laser with a homogenous power distribution that can be focused precisely without the use of any tools

Filters for fluorescence imaging

Laser Components has introduced a new range of hard-coated filters for fluorescence imaging, available as a set including excitation, emission and dichroic filters, or supplied separately


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