Laser Components

LC-LMD-650-12 low cost laser module

Laser Components has introduced a new addition to its family of low cost laser modules. The LC-LMD-650-12 is a 650nm laser diode module available in either 1mW or 5mW options

Low-noise lock-in amplifier

Distributor Laser Components has introduced a low-noise lock-in amplifier manufactured by Femto Messtechnik, featuring a Eurocard 19-inch plug-in board design

XC frame safety glasses

Laser Components has introduced its XC frame for laser safety glasses, which meet Vo ballistic tests for impact, and are therefore suitable for military use

Flexpoint Mini laser diode module

The Flexpoint laser diode module, Mini series, from Laser Components, differentiates itself from other compact modules in both the equality of performance and versatility

SemiNex laser diodes

Laser Components will distribute long-wavelength high-power laser diodes from SemiNex, operating at 14xx and 15xx wavelengths

Flexpoint Mini series

Laser Components has released the Flexpoint Mini series of laser diode modules. The laser diode incorporates a variable lens that can be adjusted to focus or collimate the emitted laser beam


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