Laser Components

Gold coated mirrors

For applications which do not require the high reflectivity of a dielectric coating, metal mirrors serve as an inexpensive solution that can be used for a wide wavelength range

LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules

Laser Components' popular range of LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules, most notable for their high bore sighting accuracy with a deviation of less than 1mm over distances of 20m, are now available with a green laser


Laser Components has announced that its new range of inexpensive Si Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) come in an SMD housing

IR conversion screens

Laser Components has announced the addition of two new converter cards for infrared radiation to its comprehensive range of conversion screen


Laser Components has implemented its pulsed laser diodes in a small, shielded metal housing, while operation of the Cube modules only requires a trigger signal and a standard 12 VDC voltage supply

808nm diode laser

Laser Components has introduced an 808nm diode laser which utilises the multi-emitter pump platform to achieve 35W and 60W output power from 105um fibre, and 100W output from 200um fibre

ILM12F series

Laser Components has announced a focusable industrial laser module with enhanced features from the company's standard laser diode modules


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