CTFL fibre laser

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Laser Components has introduced a thulium fibre laser from Keopsys. The wavelength can be chosen between 1900 and 2050nm. The CTFL fibre laser has a 1nm linewidth, M²<1.1 and is available with output up to 30W, with a randomly or linearly polarised output and with the option to modulate the output.

Totally air cooled, no maintenance is needed. The laser is available in a friendly benchtop or in an OEM module that is easy to integrate. This high performance laser will be an ideal tool for scientific research as well as for polymer processing or OPO pumping.

The Keopsys range of fibre lasers also includes pulsed Thullium, UV and green fibre lasers, CW Raman fibre lasers and both CW and pulsed, Erbium and Ytterbium fibre lasers.