Laser Components

RapidBand stock programme

Omega Optical, a Laser Components partner, has launched a new RapidBand stock programme, providing fast delivery for hundreds of bandpass filter combinations in a standard 25mm diameter ring that is just 3.5mm thick

Ultra-narrowband filters

Laser Components has announced it now offers Alluxa's ultra-narrowband filters, which the company says are the narrowest and 'squarest' filter profiles in the visible and near-infrared (NIR) with transmission levels typically greater than 96 per cent


Illuminating a line uniformly using a dot laser is a familiar problem, and round Top-Hat elements have been used as diffractive optical elements (DOE) for the purpose of creating a homogeneous line

PLT5 520

Laser Components has announced that its product portfolio now includes three different laser diodes with emission wavelengths of 520nm

2000K IR emitters

As broadband IR emitters continue to have a place in many applications as a cheap and reliable source, Laser Components has announced it will supply steady state and pulsable emitters from Helioworks

Atomic Force Microscopy

Laser Components' partner Optometrics Corporation recently added advanced scanning Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) within their metrology capabilities, enabling new benchmarks for nano-scale measurement, characterisation, and manipulation for diffraction gr

Holo/ORs plastic DOEs

If diffractive optical elements are used at low and medium laser power, then plastic elements may be sufficient instead of using fused silica elements


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