Laser Components

The LT-PLM series

Laser Components has launched a new version of our Precision Laser Module which features a square cross section designed for easy mounting onto your system


The SEEPOS is a new innovation designed for laboratory and industrial laser spot position detection

Count S modules

New photon counters have been added to the COUNT series: The COUNT S modules feature the same high quantum efficiency of the other models but a significantly larger active area of 500um which facilitates focussing

Count photon counters

The dynamic range of single photon detectors is an important parameter. LASER COMPONENTS has reduced the dead time of the COUNT photon counters from 55ns to 42ns, resulting in a maximum count rate of more than 23MHz

Single-mode VCSELs

Laser Components is proud to offer single-mode VCSELs which are optimised for resonant Rubidium excitation at 794.7nm and for resonant Cesium excitation at 852.1nm (894.3nm on request). Precise selection criteria enable optimised excitation efficiency

STRAIGHTliner series

To supplement its range of high accuracy laser modules Laser Components has developed the STRAIGHTliner series which allows you to quickly and easily measure straightness, evenness along an axis, and minute movements in an easy to use package

850-Series laser diodes

Laser Components Canada produces pulsed laser diodes with an emission wavelength of 850nm. The 850-Series features a low divergence of 10.5 x 20 degrees and high temperature stability up to +85 degrees celsius


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