Lasermet has introduced the ICS-6 ELISe, which is the company's Expandable Laser Interlock System to performance level E, featuring full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection, which conforms to the latest standards EN ISO 13849-1 to p

Ultra Range large area LED-powered signs

Lasermet has launched its Ultra Range of large area LED-powered signs, which offer extremely high clarity at all ambient light levels, alongside flexibility in the legends and colours that can be used

Calibrating laser power meters

Lasermet has expanded its UK laser safety services by way of new laboratory facilities, including dedicated automated equipment for the testing and calibration of laser power meters


Lasermet has launched the new ADM-1000 advanced laser power meter. With excellent rise times, the instrument offers excellent performance combined with the ease of using a hand-held power meter.


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