sGauss beam profile

Limo has developed micro-optics for creating a beam profile that offers 30 per cent more throughput in display production


Limo looks forward to welcoming visitors to booth 321 in hall B3

Laser zoom processing head

A new beam tool developed by LIMO as part of a research project brings to mind the famous marketing slogan 'There's always a clever head behind it'

FAC lenses in D class

LIMO recently began focusing solely on the production of D lenses while also further enhancing the performance of the lenses over their earlier models.

G2T scan system

A lightning-fast laser storm has developed in Dortmund and is poised to brighten the spirits of solar power system manufacturers with an enormous boost in productivity

Fast-axis collimator

Limo has extended the wavelength range for its fast-axis collimator (FAC) lenses, with the introduction of two product lines for the red (600 to 700nm) and infrared (1,000 to 1,600nm) wavelength ranges

L3 Limo Line Laser system

Limo has launched the L3 Limo Line Laser system to expand its portfolio to over ten line generators. By default there is now an offer of L3 systems with ranges from 40W to 13kW and more


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