Line laser

Limo has introduced a range of laser line generators suitable for use in solar cell production


Limo has introduced Diocut, an energy-efficient 2kW diode laser system which, in eight-hour constant operation, consumes approximately 20 per cent less energy than a comparable fibre laser

L3 Line Laser

Limo has announced that its L⊃3 Line Laser generates a very homogeneous illuminated line for scanning a solar cell 156mm by 156mm in size

L³ Line Laser

Limo has developed its new L³ Line Laser for the homogeneous illumination of inline testing for applications such as photovoltaics and semiconductor production

Efficient diode laser system

LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik, located in Dortmund, Germany, has introduced a 1.3kW diode laser system with wall-plug efficiency of 30 per cent, (including cooling)

Diffractive beam splitter

Limo has expanded its product portfolio with a diffractive beam splitter, which has a continuous profile, unlike conventional binary diffractive optical elements (DOE)

Beam Transformation System

Limo has expanded the product portfolio of its BTS (Beam Transformation System) to accommodate a wider range of wavelengths (from 600nm to 1,600nm)

L<sup>3</sup> line lasers

Limo has introduced its L3 family of high-power line lasers. The lasers are intended for applications within process development and optimisation, and they are well-suited to applications involving thin films

1470nm compact diode laser

Limo has added a 1,470nm version to its standard product portfolio of compact diode lasers, featuring output power of 12W and 25W, with further customised types available at more than 100W


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