ML6400 and ML6600 lasers

Modulight has announced two additions to their OEM laser system platform. The new releases are the ML6400 single-mode laser systems and ML6600 multi-wavelength laser systems

ML7710-PDT laser system

Modulight, based in Tampere, Finland and San Jose CA, has released the ML7710-PDT laser system platform tailored specifically for photodynamic therapy applications

LimeLight laser systems

Modulight, a laser manufacturer based in Tampere, Finland and San Jose, CA, has announced the release of its renewed LimeLight laser systems

465nm (1W) blue laser

Finnish company Modulight has announced the extension of its LimeLight product family with the introduction of the 465nm (1W) blue laser single-emitter based system for acne treatment and teeth whitening


Modulight has added multi-chip red laser modules for industrial, display and medical applications, to its FiberLight product family


Modulight has introduced the latest fibre-coupled laser platforms in its FiberLight product family, suitable for medical, defence and industrial markets, including display and projection application for visible lasers

Single-emitter laser sources

Modulight has announced a set of single-emitter based OEM laser systems suitable for medical and industrial applications covering most conventional wavelengths between 635nm and 1,550nm at 1.5W optical power

Broadened selection of diode lasers

Modulight has broadened its selection of laser diode products by releasing a series of high-power single-emitter C-mounted lasers covering standard wavelengths accross the 635-1550nm range


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