PDT illumination kit

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Modulight has released an illumination kit specifically for photodynamic therapy (PDT) research. This kit provides parallel illumination of photosensitive samples, or illumination for use in drug screening on standard microplates.

Combined with Modulight's PDT laser sources, the product supports wavelengths between 630-760nm and required power levels for simultaneous multi-wavelength operations. Separate sample stations are available for rectangular 85 x 125mm multi-sample microplates and up to 95mm diameter petri dishes.

This PDT R&D kit completes Modulight’s light source product family for PDT illumination. The family supports all common PDT wavelengths, and offers scalable standard platform solutions, from a single compact PC controlled PDT laser module based on ML6700-PDT (1-3W), to multichannel and multi-wavelength turnkey solutions based on ML7710-PDT (max power 5W, up to seven channels).