Olympus says its new LEXT OLS4100 3D laser scanning microscope offers a faster and easier approach to optical metrology, combining optical precision with the intuitive operation of a digital interface

Fluoview FV1000

Olympus has added laser sharing and dual port selected ion monitoring (SIM) scanning capabilities to two versions of its Fluoview FV1000 laser scanning microscope, the confocal and the MPE multiphoton

MPLAPON objectives

Olympus has introduced the MPLAPON series of plan apochromatic objectives, which provide a high level of chromatic aberration correction for materials imaging


Olympus has introduced the LEXT OLS4000, the latest version of the the company's confocal laser scanning microscope metrology system, featuring near-vertical slope capabilities, larger optical zoom, and a navigation overview window

Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P imaging systems

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems. Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P programmes build on the Cell^A and Cell^B entry-level packages, offering advanced life science imaging applications.

Cell^A and Cell^B

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems, providing a well-balanced system for documentation and archiving in basic cell microscopy.


Olympus has introduced its OLS3000IR LEXT IR confocal laser scanning microscope, the latest member of its near-IR silicon inspection microscope range.

FluoLED and PrecisExcite

Olympus is offering two new series of LED sources for fluorescence microscopy - the FluoLED series, and the PrecisExcite light source.


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