OWISoft V2.9 Update

An update for Owis' OWISoft software is now available with newly added functions. OWISoft is designed to configure and operate OWIS control units.

VT 30

Owis has introduced its VT 30 translation stages, which are suitable for simple but precise tasks such as the exact adjustment and positioning of small parts and samples

FAPO 40, FAPO 50 and FAPO 65

The new Owis fibre positioners allow sensitive adjustment in the nanometre range. They are the perfect choice for a reliable light or fibre alignment, for example, in microscopy and fibre optics. The FAPO's are available in three sizes from June 2015


In research and industry OWIS beam handling systems are standard in every laboratory. The system installation kits allow the experimenter to provide test setups within shortest time

OWIS offers new CAD Service via CADENAS

OWIS, a global leading manufacturer of optical beam handling and positioning systems, along with software developer CADENAS, provide extensive product records in various formats to download.

LPT 30

Owis has introduced linear precision stages with a width of 30mm and a working height of 16mm


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