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Preliminary testing of the quantum gravity gradiometer designed by Michael Holynski and colleagues at the University of Birmingham, which has now been shown to locate an underground tunnel with a positional accuracy of 20cm. Credit: Crown Copyright

Underground quantum sensing set to erupt

Susan Curtis explores the new breed of quantum gravimeters finding their way onto the slopes of Mount Etna and into tunnels deep under Birmingham

Laser guide star for tracking space junk, developed by Electro Optic Systems together with the Australian National University. Credit: Electro Optic Systems

Illuminating the space junk problem

Benjamin Skuse explores photonics-based efforts to track, and possibly even remove, debris from the very crowded region of near-Earth space

Spark Lasers

Spark Lasers (booth 1059E) will present its Alcor series of QCW femtosecond fibre lasers, which deliver high average powers of up to 2W with <140fs pulses at both 920nm and 1,064nm

Photonic Solutions

Photonic Solutions will be showcasing its motorised micro-positioners from its latest partner, New Scale Technologies

TCSPC System Delivers Sub-20ps IRF Width with Hybrid Detectors

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The new bh SPC-150NX TCSPC modules achieve a time resolution (IRF width) of less than 20 ps FWHM when operated with bh HPM-100-06 and -07 hybrid detector modules, based on Hamamatsu R10467-06 and -07 hybrid photomultipliers. This is considerably shorter than previously reported for these detectors. We believe that the detector / TCSPC combination described here delivers the best combination of time resolution, detection area, and sensitivity currently available.

Photonic Solutions

Photonic Solutions will be exhibiting Oxxius’s range of DPSS and diode lasers, Quantel’s Q-Smart compact, pulsed Nd:YAG laser, B&H’s TCSPC equipment, Ocean Optics’ miniature spectrometers, a QCW fibre laser from Spark Lasers and Light Conversion’s series of femtosecond lasers for micromachining

PicoEmerald S

The picoEmerald S from APE combines a picosecond OPO and it's pump laser in a single housing. The pump source offers shorter pulses of 2ps with 10cm-1 spectral width compared to the original picoEmerald version offering 6ps

Avalanche photodiode

The first single-photon detection module built around an InGaAs/InP passively quenched avalanche photodiode has been launched by from IDQ, and is now available from Photonic Solutions

Sapphire series digital delay pulse generator

The Sapphire series digital delay pulse generator, available from Photonic Solutions, comes with two or four independent outputs and is for applications that require moderate precision and multi-channel capability


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