Physik Instrumente

PI Custom Motion System

The UK office of mechanical positioning technology manufacturer Physik Instrumente has launched PI Custom Motion Systems - a dedicated application and product customisation service

PILine M-674 RodDrive

The PILine M-674 RodDrive features a patented, ceramic, ultrasonic drive and can easily be used to replace classical drive elements like motor/leadscrew assemblies or magnetic linear drives.

Piezo beam steering mirror platforms

Physik Instrumente has extended its S-330 high-dynamics piezo tip/tilt platform family to include six new large-angle models with features designed for higher dynamics, stability and linearity.

N-310 Nexact

Physik Instrumente has introduced the N-310 Nexact miniature ceramic linear motor actuator, which bridges the gap between micro- and nano-positioning devices.


The M-122 from Physik Instrumente palm-top-sized precision translation stage combines small dimensions, high speeds and high accuracy at a competitive price.


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