Pro-Lite Technology

TrueMura software module

Pro-Lite Technology has released the TrueMura software module for users of its ProMetric CCD imaging photometers from Radiant Imaging.

Ultra-600 Laser Diode Module

QPC Lasers has released the Ultra-600, which is a high power laser diode engine that delivers high spectral and spatial brightness for enhanced pumping of fibre lasers. The device will be distributed by Pro-Lite Technology.


French laser specialists Amplitude Systems has released the Tangerine, which is the latest in a range of ultrafast lasers based upon direct diode pumping of ytterbium doped gain materials.

LabMax Laser Power Meter

Pro-Lite Technology has released the LabMax from Coherent’s LMC division, a high-performance laser power and energy meter compatible with all Coherent thermal, photodiode and pyroelectric sensor heads.


Pro-Lite Technology is distributing the UV-2000S from Labsphere, a dedicated sunscreen, in-vitro ultra-violet transmittance analyser.

LED measurement system

Pro-Lite Technology has released an LED measurement system that is based around the USB4000 CCD spectrometer from Ocean Optics together with integrating sphere collection optics. Measurements are provided of spectral radiant flux, luminous flux, CIE chrom


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