RPMC Lasers


RPMC Lasers has released a compact Airtrac DPSS laser from Areté Associates

Microchip laser devices

RPMC Lasers has introduced a new family of mil-spec passively Q-switched microchip laser devices emitting sub-nanosecond to 5ns, high-peak-power pulses from industry standard opto-electronic packages

Mini QCW diode pumped lasers

RPMC Lasers has launched robust, sealed, QCW diode pumped lasers are available at 1064nm, 532, 355 and 1.57µm. The Mini is available with energy levels up to 7mJ at 1.57µm and 20mJ at 1064nm with 5 - 8ns pulsewidths at a repetition rate up to 50Hz.

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