ZFSM Series

Emerging from the ZFSM Series, Z-LASER now manufactures an OEM fiber-coupled laser platform for diagnostic and intra-operative medical applications

Z-MLLS and ZFSM upgrade

Z-Laser, a manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, has presented its Movable Line Laser System, Z-MLLS, designed for tyre building machines


Z-Laser has introduced the Z3D-Control, a 3D measurement and laser projection system


Z-Laser, a manufacturer of lasers and laser systems, has announced the release of its re-designed ZQ family of laser sources


Laser and laser system manufacturer Z-Laser has announced that its ZM12 family of small lasers now supports homogeneous light distribution (HLD)

ZQ green laser

Z-Laser has added a new green model to its ZQ line of high performance diode lasers. The laser offers output power of up to 300mW in a bench mountable package.

ZM18 measurment lasers

Z-laser has released its ZM18 family of lasers for vision, measurement, scientific, medical and alignment applications, available with wavelengths of red, green, blue and IR, at powers up to 200mW


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