Zemax, an Ansys company, develops high-performance optical imaging system simulation

Zemax OpticStudio model of a wide-angle field-of-view camera used in applications such as autonomous vehicle sensors and aerial drones. Credit: Zemax

Ansys buys Zemax for optical modelling portfolio

Zemax employs over 100 people around the world and is based in Washington, USA

High-Yield Optimization - Streamlining the path to more easily manufacturable designs

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The conventional optical design approach results in designs that are very sensitive to manufacturing and alignment errors, which means the optical product is difficult to repeatedly manufacture successfully.

A new method, called High-Yield Optimization, produces designs that meet tight performance specifications, provide a higher manufacturing yield, and lower manufacturing costs through less waste.


Zemax senior optical engineer Zach Derocher will introduce TrueFreeForm, a grid-based surface optimisation of freeform surfaces in optical design

Green light on lidar: developing low-cost systems for autonomous vehicles

For driverless cars to see mainstream adoption, engineers must solve critical lidar design challenges including improving the detection range and field of view, ensuring adaptability to environmental factors, and ensuring safety. Today, engineering teams are debating the best design choices, with no clear winner. Who will win the race toward effective lidar manufactured at a low cost?


Zemax has announced the release of LensMechanix for Creo Parametric, which enables engineers to streamline optomechanical product design

Small is beautiful

As optics get smaller, simulation software is having to turn to new techniques to model optical systems, as Barbara Stumpp finds out

OpticStudio 18.7

Zemax has released OpticStudio 18.7, which continues to improve the overall usability of OpticStudio, a flexible, intuitive, and powerful modelling environment

Designing for Success

The design of an optical system is just the beginning. The system must not only perform, but be designed and toleranced so it can be manufactured for a reasonable cost, as Mark Venables discovers

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