At booth 1342 Zygo’s ZeGage Pro and Pro HR 3D Optical profilers will be on display. They are robust, affordable, easy to use, and deliver surface data in seconds. 


Zygo will be displaying its Nexview3D optical profiler with Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) technology with enhanced Mx surface metrology software and advanced thin film metrology and analysis

Up to scratch?

Verifying the surface quality of optics has long relied on a visual, non-quantitative approach, finds Jessica Rowbury

Nexview profiler

Zygo has released the Nexview profiler, its 3D imaging and measurement system for rapid, precise, quantitative, and interactive surface metrology

ZeGage optical profiler

Providing nanometre-level surface measurement precision on the production floor, ZeGage optical profiler is now available with programmable stage capabilities

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