Rockley Photonics wins IEEE award for work on co-packaged optics

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Rockley Photonics has won an award for its work in the field of co-packaged optics.

The prize, the IEEE Communications Society's 2021 Charles Kao Award for Best Optical Communications and Networking paper, was given to Rockley Photonics for the paper, 'Reimagining datacenter topologies with integrated silicon photonics,' published in the July 2018 edition of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN).

The paper demonstrates the technical feasibility of integrating CMOS switching functionality with single-mode optical interfaces within the same package.

Dr Andrew Rickman, chief executive, Rockley Photonics, said: Co-packaging optics with electronics enables us to rearchitect the datacenter network to achieve significant efficiency gains in terms of data processing and power usage.' 

Rockley is leveraging CPO to design high-density pluggable optical modules with at least 800Gb/s of capacity.

The IEEE Communications Society Awards Committee evaluates nominated papers based on the extent to which the works open new lines of research, envision bold approaches to optical communication and networking, formulate new problems to solve, and essentially enlarge the field of optical communications and networking. Papers published in the prior three calendar years of JOCN are eligible for the award. 

Rockley is in the process of leveraging its platform in the consumer healthcare space, which it believes will drive wafer volumes and economies of scale that will ultimately benefit a variety of market verticals.

In March, Rockley Photonics entered into a definitive agreement to combine with SC Health Corp, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company.

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