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Excelitas Technologies is currently debuting its new 2W pulsed xenon light source, µPAX-2, at Photonics West booth 1423. 

The µPAX-2 provides microsecond pulses of broadband light with exceptional arc stability. It offers a compact solution that contains a flash lamp, trigger circuit and power supply in an EMI-suppressant enclosure. 

Applications for the µPAX-2 include UV/Vis spectrophotometry, point-of-care analytics, environmental and absorption analysis, fluorescence triggering, immunoassays and microplate readers.

The µPAX-2 offers a superior stability guarantee of ≤ 1.0 per cent CV. Its broadband, EMI suppression design minimises electromagnetic interference with other devices to provide OEMs with a precision-aligned light source that offers efficient coupling, high stability and maximum reliability to meet the demanding needs of analytical applications.


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