705nm Laser Module

Opnext has released its near-infrared PM-606-P Photon laser module, which uses the first 705nm semiconductor laser diode. The product will be distributed by Photonic Products.

The PM-606-P Photon laser module is primarily designed for use in low level laser therapy, biometric sensors, fluorescence sensing and other applications that benefit from the laser module's high reliability, low operating current requirement, and high output power. It is also ideal for energy-efficient, low-power optical measurement applications. 

The PM-606-P Photon laser module has optical output power of 25mW with power stability of <5 per cent at a lasing wavelength of 705nm, low operating current of 75mA, low operating voltage range of 2.7 to 6V, beam size of 4 x 2mm and beam divergence of 0.6 x 0.3mrad. The operating temperature range is -10°C to +60°C.

The PM-606-P Photon laser module consists of an aluminium housing, Opnext 705nm laser diode, drive circuit and collimating lens. The lens may be adjusted to produce either a collimated beam or focused spot. The standard lens may be replaced by other optical systems such as line generators.

The module can be supplied in various colours, (red, green, blue, black, violet), to assist in wavelength or power identification. The Photon PMF-606-P module has a 25mm mounting flange. Electrical connections are made via external flying leads.