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The 842-PE handheld power/energy meter from Newport includes a menu-driven Windows CE interface. The tool is easy-to-use and intuitive, allowing successful measurement within minutes. While the handheld style makes it great for field service, the meter can also be connected to other devices via USB or RS-232.

The built-in features of the 842-PE include a complete statistics package that lets you choose between a line plot and a histogram. There are many options for saving data, saving statistics, or both. The same interface also allows users to set different parameters depending on the type of measurement they are taking. It is also possible to zero readings when measuring pulse energy.

The 842-PE meter is equipped with a DB15 input connector for direct compatibility with Newport's 818P Series high-power (thermopile) detectors, 818E Series energy (pyroelectric) detectors or new 918D and 918L Series low-power (photodiode) detectors.