Wand detectors

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Newport has introduced its new family of 818-ST2 and 818-ST2-UV wand detectors.  

Designed with highly protective aluminium housing, the detectors operate from 200 to 1100nm.  The specifications are identical to Newport’s legacy 818-ST and 818-ST-UV Series that will be phased out in four months. Metal cases for both new products are designed to safeguard the optics in the setup, especially in the ultraviolet wavelength range, and keep the housing and attenuator glue protected from potential high heat damage. The 818-ST2 family incorporates a 10mm x 10mm silicon photodiode.

The wand design is for detection and measurements in tight or confined spaces with a convenient mounting hole on the side, for mounting without the need for angle brackets. Power levels are from pW to 2W with a built-in calibrated OD3 attenuator that has an easily readable and accessible on/off indicator.

The calibration module is detachable from the BNC connector, permitting a convenient interface with Newport’s power meters, including models 1830-R-GPIB, 1969-R, 1917-R, 1918-R, 1928-C, and 1936-R/2936R. The 818-ST2 and 818-ST2-UV are also compatible with oscilloscopes or current meters.