Mai Tai SP ultrafast oscillator

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Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has introduced the Mai Tai SP, a fully-automated, hands-free one-box ultrafast oscillator with adjustable pulse, capable of pulses shorter than 25fs in duration. The Mai Tai SP is built on the proven Mai Tai laser platform with the largest installed base of one-box ultrafast lasers in the industry. The Mai Tai SP is highly stable and easy-to-use, and is ideal for seeding the Spitfire Pro ultrafast amplifier system, which can be used for pump-probe spectroscopy, THz generation, high harmonic generation and other time-resolved spectroscopy applications.

The Mai Tai SP bandwidth and wavelength are both computer adjustable – the bandwidth tunes from >60nm to <12nm, corresponding to near transform-limited pulse widths from <25fs to 100fs. The new Mai Tai SP features both Newport's Stabilok technology and its EternAlign permanent optics mounting technology, ensuring exceptional long-term environmental stability. These features make the Mai Tai SP a truly hands-off laser – it does not need to be opened to the outside environment for pulse width adjustments, wavelength tuning or realignment.