Alpha table-top Laser Micromachining System

Elliot Scientific is distributing the Alpha table-top Laser Micromachining System from Oxford Lasers. Cutting, milling and drilling operations are carried out by sophisticated, yet easy to use software on metals, ceramics or polymers within a compact Class 1 enclosure.

Alpha is suitable for R&D applications and for the small scale production of parts up to 8 inches in diameter. It has been designed to aid process development, small-scale production and sample preparation within university labs or prototype shops.

The micromachining centre is complemented by Oxford Lasers' Cimita. A simple but powerful software interface that brings vision, motion and laser control together to give Alpha many features found only in larger, more expensive systems.

Alpha is a flexible system: the initial combination of laser, scanners, stages and trepanning heads being determined by the properties of the material, and the complexities of the shapes to be machined. These parts can be easily upgraded or changed as requirements expand.