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Elliot Scientific is providing Femtolasers Produktion’s new range of ultra-compact Ti:Sapphire oscillators combining integrated design with customer accessibility, ensuring maximum stability and ease of operation.

All Fusion models make use of Femtolasers' patented Dispersive Mirror (DM) Technology, which is designed for broadband intra-cavity group delay dispersion compensation. The high-efficiency design enables a broad range of output power levels with versions from 100 to 800mW of mode-locked output power. All power levels are available with pulses of 10fs and less in duration.

The ultra compact footprint (720 x 305 x 75mm) includes a high reliability pump source and oscillator integrated onto a single cooled base plate for maximum passive stability. There is great flexibility for customised specifications. Femtolock repetition rate stabilisation, tuneability in bandwidth as well as custom centre wavelength are a small selection of the rich features available with the Fusion. It is designed for demanding applications including seeding of amplifier chains, coherent THz generation, time resolved spectroscopy as well as multi-photon processes, benefiting from more than 1MW of peak power.