Avia 532-38

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Coherent has introduced the Avia 532-38, a diode-pumped solid state laser, which delivers more than 38W of output at 532nm (at 120kHz) with a pulse width of only 45nsec. This laser’s excellent beam characteristics (TEM00, M² < 1.3), combined with its high average power and high peak power, make the Avia 532-38 the optimum tool for micromachining applications requiring both fast throughput and precision edge quality (minimised heat affected zone). Applications include singulation of microelectronics packages, wafer scribing, and edge isolation in solar cells.

Backed by a two-year/10,000-hour warranty, this new model is based on the existing AviaO/A platform (oscillator/amplifier cavity) that is configured for long-term stability, high reliability and ease of operation. This design incorporates key proprietary features such as PermAlign, a solder-bonding technology for securely mounting all the resonator optics, and the durable (aluminium-free active area) pump laser diodes. The laser is simple to operate and integrate thanks to the use of Total Pulse Control, a comprehensive software suite that enables customised pulse control and power on demand. The complete AVIA 532-38 laser system includes a sealed, water-cooled laser head and a compact air-cooled power supply.