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Tower Optical has launched the BeamEx1000, a four to six inch interferometer beam expander. This product enables measurement over a full six-inch aperture using an industry-standard four-inch interferometer. The BeamEx1000 snaps onto a four-inch mainframe interferometer and accommodates an industry-standard six-inch reference optic.

The company also offers a six-inch reference transmission flat, TX-6, compatible with the BeamEx1000 beam expander and other six-inch interferometer mounts.

The four-inch Fizeau interferometer with bayonet mount has become an industry standard. Several companies offer versions; all have mutually compatible bayonet-mount interfaces for reference optics. Tower’s beam expander coupled with a six-inch reference transmission flat more than doubles the available test area in second.

The internal optics of the BeamEx1000 expand and re-collimate the beam to six-inch diameter. Its output side includes a tip-tilt adjustment and a bayonet mount designed to fit available six-inch reference optics, both flat and spherical.