Compact-Evolution diode laser

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Dilas, the diode laser company expands its Compact-Evolution diode laser system to deliver 1200 watt output power from a 300µm (0.22NA) fiber at 976nm. 

The product line Compact-Evolution offers a unique platform combination of small physical size, ease of use and operational versatility. This 19 inch rack-mountable system with its increased output power of 1200 watts expands the Compact-Evolution product line and is now able to offer output powers from 150 watt up to 1200 watt at beam qualities comparable to lamp pumped YAG lasers based on this platform.

The system is equipped with a standard diode laser control unit (DLC) used for external interfaces such as the common analog/digital interface, BUS interfaces and remote access option for easy analyses and parameter settings. Use of Dilas’ tailored bar technology this system does not require DI water. Dilas also offers 19 inch rack-mountable cooling unit and fiber cables in different lengths as well as focusing optics.

The Compact-Evolution 1200 is suitable for fiber laser pumping and materials processing applications in thin metal welding, heat treatment, selective soldering, brazing and scientific.