Complete UV measurement solutions

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Scitec Instruments now distributes the wide range of UV sensors, UV probes, UV Meters and UV Data Loggers manufactured by sglux of Germany, enabling UV solutions to be provided for most UV measurement applications.

UV sensors include ranges of SiC, TiO2 and AlGaN photodiodes. Optional UVA, UVB and UVC filters can be fitted to some sensors. Most sensors are available with a choice of can size and active area. Sensors fitted with preamplifiers and surface mount sensors are included in the range, as are current and voltage photodiode amplifiers. Complete measuring instruments include the UV Log range of portable hand-held UV radiometers, which are available with USB and/or RS485 interfaces.

Other instruments are the Radikon Junior UV controller, which enables switching of relays in response to a UV signal, the Sensor Monitor 5 range, for displaying UV intensity and dose, and a UV Calibrator for calibrating consumer UV measuring devices such as weather stations, watches or mobile phones. UV lamps and dimmable ballasts for use with the lamps are also offered.