Cube 660

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The new Cube 660 from Coherent is a compact laser that delivers 60mW at 660nm in a nearly circular, low M2 (1.15 typical) beam. This new wavelength enables bioinstrumentation system builders in flow cytometry, high-throughput drug discovery, DNA sequencing and confocal microscopy to design multi-wavelength systems utilising a common laser platform and interface. Furthermore, the high-power output of the CUBE 660 will enable advanced product development of systems intended to utilise emerging long-wavelength fluorophores.

In addition to high output power and excellent beam quality, the Cube 660 also delivers high stability in terms of beam pointing (<6 µrad/°C) and low noise (<0.2 per cent RMS). The utility of this laser is further extended through its ability to be directly modulated at frequencies of up to 150MHz digital and 350kHz analogue. The Cube 660 laser head measures only 100 x 40 x 40mm and is conductively cooled, thus facilitating its integration into a wide range of instrumentation.