DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series

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Excelitas has introduced digital pyrodetection technology in its new, low-power DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series for battery-operated motion detection. The detectors improve detection range and sensitivity at 1.8V to address the growing demand for enhanced performance and functionality with reduced supply voltage requirements.

Designed for applications such as internet protocol cameras and wireless intrusion alarms, the PYD 1588 operates at 1.8V up to 3.3V with an increased effective sensing range and faster activation. The new selectable band pass and pulse count functions enable fulfilment of specific customer design requirements.

DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series detectors feature wake-up and sleep modes to promote power saving and extend service life, making it suitable for prolonged battery-operated motion detection. Only upon detection of motion, per its programmed settings, the Low-Power DigiPyro signals the microcontroller to wake up.

The new low-power DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series detectors will be featured in Excelitas’ booth at Sensors Expo & Conference in San Jose, CA, 21-23 June 2016.