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DLC SHG pro systems

TOPTICA’s latest DLC SHG pro systems offer the lowest noise levels, narrowest linewidths and a simpler way to manage laser operation. Thanks to new, automated functions these systems revolutionize the daily work with frequency-converted lasers.

Intelligent, automated alignment features integrated directly into the laser head transform the work with lasers: With the push of a button, the AutoAlign option re-optimizes the SHG system output power by maximizing the coupling efficiency of the laser into the TA chip and the SHG resonator via built-in intelligence and servo-controlled flexure mirror mounts. The PowerLock option automatically compensates residual drifts caused by changing environmental conditions, offering unvarying stable laser output with constant power. Fiber-coupled systems using the FiberMon option can monitor the optical power coupled to the SHG output fiber. In combination with the FiberMon option, AutoAlign and PowerLock are also available for fiber-coupled systems.

The new digital SHG pro makes use of TOPTICA’s outstanding digital control electronics DLC pro, which provides convenient remote-operation of the laser via Ethernet. The integrated touch display allows direct and intuitive adjustment of all laser parameters in the lab. In addition, the SHG master laser greatly benefits from the low-noise digital control electronics and routinely achieves the narrowest linewidths. Potential disturbances caused by environmental impact are minimized.

The lasers work ideally with applications such as addressing Rydberg transitions in alkali atoms, optical cooling of alkaline earth metals and sodium atoms as well as experiments with ions that require single-frequency operation and tuning ranges of several nanometers.




  • Available wavelengths 320..780 nm
  • Narrow linewidth < 500 kHz
  • Up to 1200 mW output power
  • Air-tight SHG pro resonator, leak rate < 10-3 mBar l s-1
  • Servo-controlled flexure mirror mounts
  • AutoAlign option: Fully-automated coupling into TA, SHG cavity and fiber (with FiberMon option)
  • PowerLock option: Automatic feedback control keeps laser output power at constant level
  • FiberMon option: Measure, stabilize and optimize the fiber-coupled laser
  • EOM option for PDH lock
  • Remote control via digital-control electronics DLC pro and PC software
  • Laser head machined from a solid metal block for highest stability against vibrations and acoustic noise


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