DPJ-25-OB and DPJ-25-DC Joulmeter probes

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Spectrum Detector has introduced two new models of its 'delta' range of large area, 25mm diameter pyroelectric Joulemeter probes. Model DPJ-25-OB, which features a black absorbing coating for flat spectral response across the spectrum, and model DPJ-25-DC, which includes a fast, diffuse metallic coating and is capable of pulsed measurements in excess of 40,000pps. Both probes are directly compatible with Spectrum's delta-DPM USB-based digital power module, which includes LabView software.

Each Joulemeter probe includes a fast, integrating circuit, a thermistor for active temperature compensation and an EPROM where the calibration and wavelength correction factors are stored. The probes can measure from a 2µJ to 200mJ, at pulse rates of  1-40kHz, wavelengths from deep ultraviolet to far infrared.