Duetto laser system

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Time-Bandwidth Products has announced a robust, compact and sealed OEM version of its picosecond, high repetition-rate Duetto laser system for industrial and scientific applications like material processing, micro machining, biological tissue manipulation, pump-probe spectroscopy, surface metrology and non-linear process pumping. The integrated seed laser is mode-locked by SESAM technology. The temperature stabilised laser head size is 695 x 410 x 122mm. The energy of the 10ps pulses at 1064nm is up to 200µJ with an average power of >10W while the repetition rate can now be user-adjusted up to 8MHz. The system can be equipped with a real pulse on demand (PoD) option that allows the user to generate any arbitrary sequence of pulses with frequencies from single shot up to the adjusted system repetition frequency with a selectable number of pulses per burst by applying a corresponding digital or analogue signal to the control electronics. Optionally the system can also provide high energy, high repetition rate picosecond pulses at 532nm or 355nm to your work surface.