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Elliot Scientific is providing M Squared Lasers new SolsTiS, an ultra-compact, widely tuneable, hands-free, single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser system. It includes a host of features to lower cost and maximise performance, reliability and productivity.

Designed with up-to-date electronics and proprietary InvarianT mounting technology, SolsTiS incorporates a compact laser resonator for high mechanical stability and simplified tuning. Available with an integrated 6W pump laser, SolsTiS is also compatible with all standard (and higher power) pump sources.

With 6W of pump, SolsTiS delivers high average power (up to 1W) and broad tuning (720-870nm), low noise (less than 0.5 per cent RMS) and narrow line width (less than 50kHz when locked to an external reference). With the addition of Ethernet control, SolsTiS can also provide local or remote system control and monitoring via any standard Web/LAN Ethernet connection.

A laptop and Graphical User Interface (GUI), both supplied as standard, ensure instant use, and ready integration into user applications. It is suitable for demanding applications such as high-resolution spectroscopy and atom cooling and manipulation.

SolsTiS complies with all regulatory design standards, including safety, CE, and new green standards (RoHS/WEEE).