M Squared Lasers

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Elliot Scientific has released a new THz source from M Squared Lasers. The Firefly-THz laser is based on intra-cavity optical parametric oscillator technology developed by the University of St. Andrews, UK. Output  powers greater than 10µW at 400Hz have already been demonstrated, with continuous tuning from 1 to greater than 3.5THz ( and from less than 100 to 250µm).

Firefly-THz offers several advantages over other methods of generating THz radiation. Unlike far-infrared molecular lasers, or optically induced photoconductive switching with relatively costly femtosecond lasers, Firefly-THz provides wide and continuous tuning. This allows users to cover the THz absorption features of many different substances with a single device. Unlike THz systems excited by femtosecond pulses, Firefly-THz operates in the frequency domain rather than time domain. This removes the need for post-detection Fourier transform data processing and averaging.

Firefly-THz also provides improved output power compared to devices using difference frequency mixing, and unlike quantum cascade lasers and femtosecond laser excitation schemes, its beam quality is close to diffraction-limited.

The Firefly-THz’s capabilities make it ideally suited to a range of THz applications, including the detection and imaging of explosives and illegal drugs; quality control of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals; and medical diagnostics.