Fibre-Coupled T-bar Module

Diode laser company Dilas' new fibre-coupled tailored bar module meets the critical metric of <1 kg/kW of overall module weight to optical output power, while maintaining nearly 50 per cent efficiency.  

In terms of specifications, this module produces >300W output power at 976nm from a 200µm/0.22NA fibre in a total package weight of ~300g. The device is also of suitable brightness to meet the requirements for flyable systems on lightweight aircraft and UAVs.

Dilas’ key innovation is the combination of the high-power, high-brightness, tailored diode laser bar and the lightweight, compact, low thermal impedance heat sink.

In addition, micro-optics attachment is completely automated which optimises the beam quality from the diode laser bar enabling high-efficiency fibre coupling.

Breaking this critical weight-to-power ratio is a major milestone for a high-brightness fibre-coupled diode laser product. Aside from defence applications, other potential markets include industrial and medical where the overall size, weight reduction, and efficiency can reduce system ownership and operating costs.