Focus Vortex II Precision Laser

Bookham has launched the Vortex II Precision Laser – the latest addition to the New Focus portfolio of high performance, finely tuned lasers. 

The Vortex II laser offers industry leading stability due to innovative patent pending magnetic damping and StarFlex motion actuation. 

The low susceptibility to vibrations, frequency stability, and narrow linewidth of the Vortex II laser are specifically enhanced to meet the demanding needs of the atomic spectroscopy and laser locking communities. The laser demonstrates reduced mechanical susceptibility, making it more stable without feedback.   

The StarFlex design ensures that the moving elements of the Vortex II laser offer the greatest possible stability in a dynamic mechanical system where vibrations on the order of nanometers can have detrimental effects.  The novel, patent-pending magnetic damping also helps to reduce undesirable spurious vibrations.