FRED 11.90

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Photon Engineering has announced the release of FRED 11.90, a new version of the software with features designed to make optical system engineering more efficient.

A new configuration manager has been added that allows the user to create multiple document configurations. Entity parameter values can be uniquely specified for configurations sets and applied to the document upon request. This feature is equivalent to zooming a lens design in an optical design program. A new parameter pickup manager has been added which allows the user to specify the functional link between the parameter values for two entities.

The relation between source parameter and destination parameter provides a new flexibility in model management and optimisation. A new detector entity type, 3D Box, has been added which allows the power transfer between cells in a 3D grid (voxels) to be analysed. The box volume can be arbitrarily positioned in the model and can enclose geometry (completely or partially). Quantities that can be displayed and exported for analysis include absorbed flux, input flux and output flux for each cell in the 3D grid.