Paladin Compact

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The new Paladin Compact from Coherent is a next-generation ultraviolet laser delivering high-power, quasi-CW output at 355nm from a very compact package. This new laser is based on the proven Paladin family of UV lasers, but incorporates a new level of integration with only half the footprint of previous models. This compact, cost-effective packaging makes Paladin Compact an ideal tool for OEMs and systems integrators servicing CW ultraviolet applications in the microelectronics, bioinstrumentation and graphic arts industries. Paladin Compact is available with 2W of output, with a laser head that measures only 60 x 25 x 25cm.

The Paladin family is already well established as a solid-state laser for CW applications in the 8W power range.

Compared to the standard Paladin, the Paladin Compact delivers an even higher repetition rate (120Mhz), which is faster than the timescale of virtually every CW application. The small footprint and choice of either water-cooling or air-cooling also make the new Paladin Compact easy to integrate into an instrument or system.

Applications for Paladin Compact include high-throughput flow cytometry and computer-to-plate (CTP) direct imaging in the printing industry, as well as inspection of bare and structured semiconductor wafers. Paladin Compact is also ideal for laser direct imaging (LDI) of printed circuit boards (PCBs), supporting the high repeatability necessary to correct for localised shrinkage in multilayer PCBs.