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The GeoLasPro from Coherent is a self-contained laser ablation system for sample introduction in high-resolution LA-ICP MS (laser ablation inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry). GeoLasPro integrates the COMPexPro 193nm ablation laser, including beam homogenising, together with shaping optics and a sample chamber to deliver unmatched microscopic sample observation capability. The 193nm sampling speed can be varied in a wide range from 1Hz up to 100Hz.

GeoLasPro includes several innovative features that enhance the performance of the overall LA-ICP MS system. For example, the new sample observation microscope is made perfectly co-linear with the laser beam delivery optics through the use of an all-mirror microscope objective, which is free of chromatic aberration. This objective is also able to operate at higher laser power without the risk of coating damage that can occur when using lens-based objectives. These beam delivery optics can achieve a homogenised spot with a diameter as small as 5µm, which is ideal for sampling small fluid inclusions. The optics also include interchangeable circular and square beam shaping masks providing high sampling flexibility.

GeoLasPro is designed for geological and nuclear physics research and for quality control of materials and pharmaceutical samples. Examples include analysis of fluid inclusions in minerals, age determination of samples by isotope ratio analysis and analysing high purity semiconductor materials.